Wildcats News · TMABC Monthly Meeting

TMABC October Meeting
Wednesday, Oct 9th, 6PM
Bearded Fox

Come join us for our TMABC monthly meeting for the 2019-2020 term.
We are still seeking willing individuals to join us as Chairpersons. We have defined roles, but we all pitch in where and when we can! If you have an interest in taking an active role with the TMABC, please come join us and let us know!

Here is the 2019-2020 Board:

President – Rachel Perez

Past President – David Apolskis

VP1 – Tyler Torres

VP2- Roy Dealy

Secretary- Jen Shaffer

Treasurer I – Jonathon Martin

Treasurer II – Michael Johnston

Parliamentarian – Coach Sam Parker



Social Media – Matt McNeese 

Scholarship – Kelly Jackson 

Sports Programs – OPEN

Volunteers – OPEN

Banquets/Events – OPEN

Merchandise/ MPI – Amy Mounger

Membership – OPEN

Fundraising  – OPEN